Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sweet potato cornbread muffins

Sweet potatoes was my mother in low idea .and yes it defiantly work for me these muffins was soft and moist and everyone likes them even the most pickiest kids ask for one more .so next time you are in the mood of corn bread or corn muffins try this recipe and you will like it.

Sweet potato cornbread muffins

1 cup yellow cornmeal or corn flour
1/4cup all-purpose flour
1 sweet potato cooked/or steamed/ or baked
2tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
3/4cupvegetable oil
½ cup sugar
1tsp vanilla
2 eggs

combine oil egg and sugar in large mixing bowl, beat ,until light and pale.
Now peel the cooked sweet potato and mash it with fork  .stir the mashed sweet potato. add vanilla and stir.

In separate bowl sift the dry ingredients ,baking powder, salt flour ,corn meal .gently fold the dry ingredients into wet ingredients and mix until combine preheat oven at 375.f and bake for 2o to 25 minutes or until the tooth pick insert in the middle comes out clean.
Serve with fruits and coffee.

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