Saturday, February 11, 2012

home made Strawberry Preserve

We all love strawberries but strawberries spoiled so quickly .believe me I never buy just one pack eat them dip them in melted chocolate  and  make strawberry preserve  .why this preserve is different and batter than store brought look at the ingredients simple and healthy .if you check the label of the store brought you will know too many ingredients which make it even bad for your health. just keep in mind keep this refegertor and use this in 1 to two month.

And be creative its not the jam but its work well in cookies like jam filled cookies and bars ,enjoy this with toasted bread and cream cheese, decorate cup cake and even pour some on ice cream .so this time you see in the store strawberries are on sale buy it and make some strawberry preserve.
cake topped with strawberry preserve and chocolate.

And if you are a person who love to share add to bottle add ribbons and tag and give it as gift and I am  sure everyone will love it. 
 home made  Strawberry Preserve                                 

4 cups clean and cut strawberries
1 cup sugar
1 tbsp lemon juice


wash and slice strawberries add to heavy base saucepan. cook them for 7 minutes on slow flame.
until the strawberries get soft ,mash them with potato masher and add sugar and lemon juice and cook on high flame stirring constantly until the it become thick add to clean sterilized  jar and seal them tight .  now in large pot add water and put jar  in the water and boil it for 5 minutes remove from water and  let it cool .
strawberry preserve is ready
note .if you want to make jam the sugar and the fruit must be same in quantity.

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